Budget Student Accommodation 101: The Essential Guide

Most students need to relocate to new cities to pursue their higher education goals, but without work experience or savings. This means they must depend on the financial help they receive from their parents. One way of reducing the financial load on parents is through living in budget student accommodation.

Some colleges have hostels, but smaller universities do not have the space required to house all their students. Below are four easy tips that can help you find an apartment with low-cost student accommodation rent to match your budget.

1. Start planning early

Your accommodation is a critical thing you need to take care of even before you prepare to leave for university – so, don’t procrastinate. Avoid the last-minute panic mode by weighing your options early on.

Estimate how long you will require rental accommodation using the duration of your course. If the course is only for a couple of weeks, short stay student accommodation should be enough. On the other hand, if the course takes longer, it’s time you start calling as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that room rentals are likely to be higher during the peak tourist season, but this will depend on the day you are expected to be reporting for your course. A good place to get information on possible rental opportunities in Brisbane is through the student union or university.

2. Think about the location

A critical consideration while searching for budget student accommodation in Brisbane is the location. Make your life easier by checking out properties close to the college, preferably within walking distance to save on commuting expenses, money, and time. In some cases, learning institutions have special arrangements with property owners that offer rental rooms for students.

3. Check the types of student rooms available

Students interesting in finding affordable rental rooms have various options at their disposal:

  • Hostels – Feature reasonable rates, but facilities’ quality vary greatly
  • Paying guest accommodation – A cost-effective alternative where you live in a local family’s spare room and pay rent. However, you may not get along with your hosts or they may have restrictive rules
  • Shared rental accommodation – This option allows you to rent bigger apartments and share the rent with other students. Further, this option makes luxury student accommodation possible since you are sharing house running costs with flatmates.

4. Browse amenities

While working on your budget, take your time and make sure you have an idea of what is included in the accommodation costs. Some private properties offer students all-inclusive rental packages, so you do not have to worry about costs like Wi-Fi and utility bills. Remember to read the contract and look for possible hidden costs that can become costly, nasty surprises in the future.

Since you will be living in the room, it is critical that you give your must-haves a careful consideration. You should also be prepared to compromise on some amenities. While everyone’s requirements are different, consider whether a central location, fast Internet connection, or a private bathroom is important to you.

Budget student accommodation varies a lot, and it all depends on your requirements and specific properties you are looking at. A good place to start for student accommodation in Brisbane is Student One.