Endometriosis: How It’s Affecting Women

There are currently 176 million women worldwide who are suffering from endometriosis. This disease affects 1 in 10 women. It does not only affect women physically, but also emotionally and mentally. Although this illness isn’t cancer, it can increase a woman’s risk of getting ovarian cancer. This is why it’s important that you or anyone you know should be checked at a women’s health clinic Melbourne has.

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What is endometriosis?

This disorder usually comes with pain because the tissue that normally lines only the inside of the uterus starts to grow outside and may even spread beyond the pelvic organs.

If you have endometriosis, the displaced tissues will continue to function as it normally would. It thickens, breaks down, and bleeds – this is what happens every menstrual cycle. But because the tissues that are supposed to be inside the uterus are displaced, there is no way that tissues are going to exit your body. Cysts called endometriomas may form if the displaced tissues involve the ovaries.

If left untreated at a Melbourne women’s health clinic, the displaced tissues can become irritated, causing adhesions and scarring. Furthermore, the fibrous tissues can cause the organs to stick together. This will then cause pain, which can be severe during your period.

What are the symptoms of endometriosis?

Aside from pelvic pain, which is often associated with your menstrual period, there are common signs and symptoms of endometriosis. When you visit a women’s health clinic Melbourne, you will know that these include the following:

  • Dysmenorrhea – you may experience pain and cramping in your pelvic area before and after your period. This can also be accompanied by abdominal and lower back pain.
  • Pain during sex – this is a common sign of endometriosis.
  • Excessive bleeding – there will be times when you will experience heavy periods. You may also experience bleeding between menstrual cycles.
  • Pain during urination or bowel movement – this is most likely to happen during your period.
  • Infertility – most women with endometriosis also suffer from infertility or difficulty in conceiving.

Other symptoms include bloating, fatigue, diarrhoea, or constipation during your period.

You should get yourself examined at a women’s health clinic in Melbourne if you are experience one or more of these symptoms.

What can cause endometriosis?

  • Immune system disorder – this can cause your body to be unable to recognise and destroy the tissues growing outside your uterus.
  • Embryonic cell transformation – estrogen sometimes transform embryonic cells into endometrial cell implants during puberty stage.
  • Retrograde menstruation – when the blood that contains endometrial cells flows back into the pelvic cavity during menstruation, the displaced cells remain on the pelvic walls and other parts of the pelvic organs.
  • Endometrial cells transport – endometrial cells may be transported to other parts of the body, particularly the pelvic area, by the tissue fluid system or blood vessels.

What are the risk factors?

The following factors could put you at more risk of developing endometriosis.

  • Not being able to conceive or give
  • Early menopause
  • Higher estrogen levels
  • Short menstrual cycles
  • Uterine abnormalities
  • Low body mass index
  • Had your period at an early age
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Health condition that prevents the normal flow of menstruation out of the body

Take the time to visit a women’s health clinic Melbourne has o ensure that you are safe from this disease.

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Searching for a Skin Cancer clinic

Looking for a skin cancer clinic? There are networks of clinics in different places that attend to skin cancer conditions. Skin cancer clinics offer patients the best chance to get the best medical care daily and throughout the year. The clinics have a team of doctors who have specialties in skin conditions and who work hand in hand to ensure that all patients’ skin conditions are taken care of.

The clinics for the skin cancer are normally located in shopping centers, and in areas where many people frequent daily and whereby people are able to access them at any time of the day. This tends to make any visits to the clinic very convenient. There is also a program that is built for patients that allows them to book appointments in advance before the visit to the cancer skin clinic. This is usually useful for the working-class people or for those who have busy schedules and also for those who can only visit the clinic at a specific time of the day.

skin cancer clinicSkin clinics

There are different types of things that happen in a skin cancer clinic as well as different tests done. Going for a regular checkup for the health of one’s skin is normally very important. Regular checkups of the skin help a person note any abnormal changes of the skin or any high risks of developing cancer of the skin. Therefore, when a person visits a skin cancer clinic, some different skin tests are done. These skin tests help the doctors determine any dangerous moles or spots that can develop later to be skin cancer. A person is also taught about different ways of checking their skin on their own without having to visit the clinic. Some of the ways of a person to check their own skin are by using the asymmetry method. This is done by drawing a line through a mole and if the two halves do not match could be a sign. Another way that persons can check their own skin is by checking borders of the skin that may seem to be uneven. Change of color of the skin also matters. Gp skin check encourages a person to immediately seek medical attention if any weird color change of the skin is noticed.

Different skin clinics have a different team of doctors from all walks of life. For instance, any skin clinic Chermside has today has a team of specialists who attend to different patients from all ages and walks of life. This skin clinic charges a small consultation fee depending on the age of the patient. Adults pay a fee of 35 US dollars and above, children under the age of 5 years pay a consultation fee of 36 US dollars and the older people 31 US dollars. See more information at http://smartclinics.com.au/skin-checks/

Different ways of avoiding skin cancer

There are many different ways that a person can work through towards prevention of skin cancer as always advised by a gp skin cancer. Some of the ways are regular examination of the skin, use of sunscreen and keeping away from the sun.