Budget Student Accommodation 101: The Essential Guide

Most students need to relocate to new cities to pursue their higher education goals, but without work experience or savings. This means they must depend on the financial help they receive from their parents. One way of reducing the financial load on parents is through living in budget student accommodation.

Some colleges have hostels, but smaller universities do not have the space required to house all their students. Below are four easy tips that can help you find an apartment with low-cost student accommodation rent to match your budget.

1. Start planning early

Your accommodation is a critical thing you need to take care of even before you prepare to leave for university – so, don’t procrastinate. Avoid the last-minute panic mode by weighing your options early on.

Estimate how long you will require rental accommodation using the duration of your course. If the course is only for a couple of weeks, short stay student accommodation should be enough. On the other hand, if the course takes longer, it’s time you start calling as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that room rentals are likely to be higher during the peak tourist season, but this will depend on the day you are expected to be reporting for your course. A good place to get information on possible rental opportunities in Brisbane is through the student union or university.

2. Think about the location

A critical consideration while searching for budget student accommodation in Brisbane is the location. Make your life easier by checking out properties close to the college, preferably within walking distance to save on commuting expenses, money, and time. In some cases, learning institutions have special arrangements with property owners that offer rental rooms for students.

3. Check the types of student rooms available

Students interesting in finding affordable rental rooms have various options at their disposal:

  • Hostels – Feature reasonable rates, but facilities’ quality vary greatly
  • Paying guest accommodation – A cost-effective alternative where you live in a local family’s spare room and pay rent. However, you may not get along with your hosts or they may have restrictive rules
  • Shared rental accommodation – This option allows you to rent bigger apartments and share the rent with other students. Further, this option makes luxury student accommodation possible since you are sharing house running costs with flatmates.

4. Browse amenities

While working on your budget, take your time and make sure you have an idea of what is included in the accommodation costs. Some private properties offer students all-inclusive rental packages, so you do not have to worry about costs like Wi-Fi and utility bills. Remember to read the contract and look for possible hidden costs that can become costly, nasty surprises in the future.

Since you will be living in the room, it is critical that you give your must-haves a careful consideration. You should also be prepared to compromise on some amenities. While everyone’s requirements are different, consider whether a central location, fast Internet connection, or a private bathroom is important to you.

Budget student accommodation varies a lot, and it all depends on your requirements and specific properties you are looking at. A good place to start for student accommodation in Brisbane is Student One.

Just how to Get Your Sunlight Shore Home without Overspending

Lots of people contemplate purchasing a home as a realisation of a life-long dream. In the end, who wouldn’t want to possess a home where you could begin a household? However, purchasing a home is just a enormous financial venture. Not everybody has got the thousands to spend on purchasing a home right away. There are certainly a lot of points you have to take into account when you finalise an offer. This is especially essential if you take into account the different sunshine beach for sale must offer.

sunshine beach for sale

Before you go available and produce a supply on the first Sunlight seaside house you see on campaigns, pay attention to these tips. That will allow you to find probably the most appropriate properties on the market Sunlight Beach must offer.

  1. Compromise. Having a big home that has most of the features you intend to have is everyone’s dream. However, if doing this indicates you will invest a lot more than you in the offing for, it’s time for you to reconsider your choices. This is especially essential if you plan to check out properties on the market Sunlight Beach must offer. If you’ll need a waterfront house, the place is your prime priority. It is clear that the Sunlight Shore house is really expensive but you will find home that doesn’t have most of the’bling’which means you won’t have to spend more. You can always add in those later. What issues is you have got yourself a home right wherever you want it to be.
  1. Check always Other Offers. To ensure you obtain price for your sale, you also need to have a look at other Sunlight Shore properties on the market to have concept of the general price. Knowing the purchase price selection, you will be able to filter out offers which can be way beyond the standard range.
  1. Downsize. Although having a huge house is just a plus with the room available for anything you intend to attain, you have to remember that bigger indicates pricier. Bigger houses also mean larger energy costs because there will be more room that you’ll require to heat or cool. You will also need to deal with larger house taxes. However, in the event that you choose for a home that is significantly less than that which you can afford, you can have enough income to spend for household trips, your kids’tuition fee and other wants that the household may have in the future. Visit RW Noosa to learn more.
  1. Save.Just because you previously acquired your first home doesn’t mean you are able to splurge on nice things. It is however best in the event that you save for every thing else. It is way better to have a small home and a bigger bank-account compared to the other way around. If you intend to guarantee you have enough money to spend during your pension, you have to start saving and allow it to be a habit.

The above are just a couple recommendations on how you can get your first home without going overboard. Take note of these methods once you begin searching for your home. It would also be better in the event that you hire an agent to check out entries for you personally relying on your estimated budget.

First impressions don’t always last as it pertains to home buying. Ensure that you undergo several properties on the market and discover all second details when you signal the deal. If you cannot make up the mind however, you can just try a Noosa seaside accommodation therefore you will know how it feels to call home close to the waterfront. For more details, visit at https://rwnoosa.com.au/sunshine-beach.

Noosa apartments for rent: How to find the right one for you

Noosa was once a sleepy town but has now become the nest of many celebrities and some of the rich and famous. For many of its residents, it’s the place where nature is seamlessly combined with the jet-setting lifestyle. But that’s just one reason to choose Noosa apartments for rent as your next home or property investment.

Noosa apartments for rent

Living in Noosa: What’s it like?


It’s a bit crowded as many visitors end up staying for good, giving Noosa property managers plenty of work to provide them with the most suitable home. This also means meeting new people long after you’ve moved into one of the apartments that you picked.

Economic profile

There were already 5,000 businesses in 2015, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, so expect a huge increase today. The main employing industry in Noosa is accommodation and food services.

Unemployment rate

According to the ABS labour force survey and Centrelink data, the number of unemployed individuals in Noosa in the 2019 March quarter is 5.66%, which is lower compared to that of Queensland’s 6%. The number doesn’t count people who are unemployed but are not actively looking for jobs.

The top 3 industries in the area are accommodation and food services, retail trade, and health care and social assistance. As for occupations, the top 3 are professionals, technicians and trades workers, and community and personal service workers.

Clearly, the quality of living in Noosa is high. Time to hunt for Noosa apartments for rent in the area.

How to choose Noosa apartments for rent

Define what you want and need from an apartment

  • Number of rooms
  • Size and location
  • With or without parking
  • Rental fee
  • Availability
  • New, old, or renovated
  • High-rise or garden-style
  • Amenities and/or services such as Noosa property management

List down the parameters you want to help narrow down your options. If you end up with a long list, choose the top 3 most important factors that will make living in Noosa a wonderful experience for you.

Pick a location that suits your needs

  • Close to work?
  • Close to public transportation?
  • Close to local amenities?
  • Close to parks and open fields?

Determine how much rent you can afford

Find out if you have the budget to pay for that apartment you want without sacrificing other expenses.

Take a good look at your take-home income and see if, you can allocate:

  • 50% for essential expenses–rent, utilities, food, phone, insurance, etc.
  • 30% for day-to-day expenses–movies, shopping, travel, eating out
  • 20% for financial goals and expenses–savings, debt payments, investments

When you add in the actual rent amount, 50% should still cover all essential expenses.

If your choice of apartment and budget don’t match, consider the trade-offs. Which ones are you willing to give up in exchange for something good?

Contact Richardson & Wrench Noosa

As experts of property management Noosaville residents recommend, they can help you find the apartment that suits your budget and needs. Their expertise lies in matching tenants with the right property, so take advantage of this and their local knowledge.

Bring that beach vibe right into your home with a Hamptons style home

Living near the waterfront offers tonnes of benefits to your body. That is why more and more people are drawn to coastal living to soak up these benefits. But, if your dream of living near the waterfront is not yet palpable, you can still get that beachy vibe right in the comforts of your Gold Coast home. Thanks to Hampton style homes Australia builders make, you can now enjoy coastal living even if your home lies in the heart of Gold Coast.

What is the Hamptons style look?

If the French has Baroque, Rococo, and Empire styles, the Americans also have the Hamptons style.

Hamptons style homes have interiors that are typically light, bright, and whitewashed with a hint of sophistication and beachy vibe. The result creates a calming and relaxing feel that is effortless.

Hamptons style Gold Coast builders construct homes that allow plenty of natural daylight in using discreet window treatments that allow light to pour in. Decorations are mostly neutral with coastal colour palette usually accentuated with crisp white walls and timber floorboards.

Decorating to achieve Hamptons style

There is a reason why a lot of Australians are drawn to this interior design. Since most towns in Australia are situated close to the shoreline, the Hampton style homes Australia builders offer are the perfect design choice for those who want to bring the beach vibe right to their homes.

Below are a few pointers to help you decorate your interiors to achieve Hamptons style

  1. Choose a neutral colour palette

When you walk into a Hamptons style home, you will immediately notice how light, bright, and breezy things are. Other neutral tones are present, such as cream, sand, and ivory, which you can complement with navy and other soft blues. Technically, these are the colours you can find when you visit the sea, and this is what Hampton’s style house builders Gold Coast has to offer.

  1. Get inspiration from the sea

Since this design draws inspiration from the beach, bring a bit of coastal element to make it authentic. You can add driftwood, pieces of coral, or patterned vases. The key is for these pieces to complement the area instead of making the space look cramped.

  1. Take advantage of your own artwork

If you want your design elements to be tied together for a more cohesive look, why don’t you use your own artwork? You can opt for artwork that has shades of blue, so you can highlight the coastal vibe. You can also create art that reminds of the beach to make it more personal.

  1. Use natural and organic fibres

To achieve that natural and authentic Hampton style home Australia builders offer, add furniture and decors with natural textures. Using organic materials is what sets this design apart from all the rest. Use rattan, timber, linen, jute, or wicker when it comes to furnishings. These natural textures help create a sense of warmth and peace. So, if you want to be creative, don’t be afraid to mix and match these materials.

  1. Light up your home naturally

One of the key features of Hampton style homes Australia currently offers is good lighting. Aim for natural light, as it is always better than artificial ones. Steer clear of other details like heavy drapes. Your window treatments should be as minimal as possible, but if you truly desire curtains, you can opt for sheer cotton drapes.

Hamptons style homes are like a combination of old and new designs tied together with simple elements, making it timeless. It should remind you of going on a beach holiday, as it brings forth a relaxed coastal vibe with generous spaces for gathering, entertaining, and relaxing.

If you are looking for new construction home builders so you can have your own Hamptons style home in Australia, visit mccarthyhomes.com.au today.