Cool Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

To those who consider their pet as part of their family, it’s pretty natural to celebrate their birthday like they would with a human being. It could be that you know the actual date of their birth, or you just want to honour the day you brought them home from the shelter. Either way, there are many great ideas to get the fun started. Many of them may involve you searching for ‘dog groomers near me’ on Google, but you can be sure they will be a blast.


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Throw a Bash with Friends


You can never go wrong with a party, especially if you invite some of your family and friends (with their doggies) over. Should it be your first time to have some canine guests, it’s best to start with a small group. You can give out goodie bags, serve dog-friendly cake, and play some games. If you want, aim to ‘find Australian dog groomers near me’, so your pet will look their best for their guests. Get them a brand new outfit to go with their fresh haircut too.


Arrange a Pamper Session


For a more intimate celebration, you could maybe set up a sprinkler for them to romp in for the summer. You can also give them a warm blanket to cuddle in during the cooler months. A new toy to play with or extra long walks are excellent options too. When you have the money to spare, go all out with a trip to the pet salon. Hairy Tails will likely pop up when typing in ‘dog groomers near me in Australia’, as they offer a promotion for first birthdays so check them out.


Commemorate with a Photo


Are you like many pet parents these days with your phone full of pictures of your canine? You might think that you don’t need more than what you already have. But then, there’s a difference between a dog owner and a professional when it comes to taking pictures. They know the best angles and locations for top-notch shots. Plus, you won’t have to worry about props and stuff, as they likely have some for you to use. You can just worry about researching ‘dog groomers near me’ to prepare.


Make Them Pick Their Gift


When you want to buy something extra special for your doggie, why not let them pick for themselves? Take them to a pet-friendly store, so they can browse through the aisles. For items specific for their grooming, you’re going to have to search ‘Australian dog groomers near me’ for ideas on where you should shop. Many salons and similar establishments tend to offer high-quality brushes, towels, and mats of their own brand for you to buy.


Visit Their Favourite Place


Is there a specific park that your dog loves to go to? Consider spending the whole day there for his birthday then! If he’s allowed to venture into the water or on a boat, feel free to get his paws or coats wet. Nothing could make him feel better than running without a leash and enjoying a delicious meal in the open air. When the weather doesn’t allow an outdoor excursion, you’ll find there are plenty of indoor alternatives when you search online.


Planning the celebration involves typing in ‘dog groomers near me’, finding pet-friendly food, and other things, but you can rest assured that your effort will be worth the result. Your beloved canine is sure to appreciate the trouble you went through along with all the love you’re putting into their special day.