Dog Stroller Shopping Guide: Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying

As a dog or pet owner, you need to have the accessories and pet care essentials to give your furry companions the best care. Dog strollers are perhaps the first thing you need. This accessory helps you carry your pets easily. And this will come in handy if they’re sick and needs to be taken to the vet. But before you start shopping, consider these questions first to buy a good carrier for your pet.

  1. What kind of terrain do you usually take your dog?

Are you fond of taking your dog to your fave jogging trail? Do you like to take it shopping? Or are you planning to take your pet to a nice night walk to the nearest urban centre? When buying a doggy stroller, consider your lifestyle and your activities with your pet. Then, choose a make or material that’s easy for you to maneuver and comfy for the pet.

  1. What is the breed of your dog?

To choose the right dog strollers, don’t miss to consider your dog’s breed. How big is it now? And what is its maximum size when it reaches its full size? Is it one of those hairy breeds? Or is it one of those non-shedding breeds? Whether you own a Tibetan Terrier or a German Shepherd, there’s a specific carrier best for your furry pets.

  1. What are the features you prefer the stroller to have?

To prepare for weather fluctuations, you’d like to opt for dog carriers with a cover and a roof. Covers provide ventilation while giving protection against environmental elements. A foldable carrier is also a good one to have because of its portability. And when it comes to wheels, opt for a wheel type that’s apt for the type of terrain. If you like the stroller to be more stable, choose a four-wheel type. Or if you’re after more versatility, go for a three-wheel carrier.

  1. What is your preferred price range?

The price chain for strollers could be between $65 to $300. If you’re fond of joining dog fashion shows, you might like to invest more on a top-quality and chic carrier. But if you’re on a tight budget, a mid-range one will do so that you can still buy other accessories, such as a gold chain dog collar, crates, and feeders.

  1. How easily can you clean it?

Ease of cleaning and maintenance is an important consideration when shopping for dog strollers. Why so? Perhaps, you have a lot of other important tasks to do instead of cleaning pet carriers, right? Even if you’ll just hire someone to do the cleaning, you wouldn’t want to wait a long time for the carrier to be ready to use, right?

By answering these questions first, you’ll be able to filter your search. You can avoid spending a lot on a stroller that’s either too big or too small for your pet. Are you now ready to shop? If yes, you might like to take a look at the strollers at Bitch New York. The company has been catering to pet owners and providing stylish dog accessories and clothing.