How to Be Successful as a Professional Dog Walker

Getting into the dog walking business Brisbane scene is a great opportunity for canine lovers to work with their favourite animals and make some money. Naturally, you want to maximise your earnings and ensure you provide the best service to your two-legged and four-legged clients, especially if you’re eyeing to make a career out of it.

The key is learning how to become a successful and professional dog walker.

1. Be knowledgeable

Loving canines is a plus, but you’ll need more than just affection in order to give your furry friends the best care. Do your research and get some training at animal shelters, pet stores, veterinarian offices, grooming shops—practically anywhere you can get expert knowledge. For more hands-on education, sign up as a volunteer at those places.

Get to know basic first aid, various dog breeds and their behaviour, how to read their body language, and which breeds interact and mix well and which don’t.

2. Sign up with dog walking service providers

An existing dog walking business Brisbane company will already have the clients, paperwork, and processes. This means there is no need to do all the hard work of starting from the ground up.

There are even agencies that provide training and insurance for all their dog walkers, such as Spot the Dog Walker in Australia.

3. Know your limits

When you do a quick online search of “dog walking jobs near me”, you’ll get many results. You might be tempted to take on as many jobs you can find, but you have to be realistic about what you can really manage. How many can hours can you work per day or week? How many furry buddies can you handle at one time? Remember that walking your four-legged clients is a pretty physically demanding job. Furthermore, looking after different kinds of breeds and sizes all together is a challenging task.

4. Always be prepared

Do you know what to do in case of emergencies? What if one of the pups gets off its leash? How will you respond? What if another canine attacks one of your dogs? What if one of your dogs attacks someone’s pet or even a person? Learning what to do in case of these scenarios allows you to be prepared and respond appropriately.

5. Be aware of what comes with the job

Walking furry buddies may seem like a glamorous job, but take note that you’ll be doing other tasks too. You need to pick up poop, feed them, take care of their special needs, and so on. Plus, you might have to walk them even during winter or rainy weather.

6. Make sure you are fit enough

Before you start providing dog walking business Brisbane services, see to it that you are physically prepared to stay on your feet and keep up with four-legged companions who love to walk and run. If you feel like you’re a bit out of shape, begin an exercise program that can improve your strength and endurance, such as swimming, running, and even brisk walking.

7. Stock up on supplies

When you go out with your furry friends, make sure to wear a comfy pair of shoes. Also bring your bag of goodies and supplies containing dog treats, water, food, a first aid kit, poop bags, extra leashes, and other essentials.

8. Get to know your city

Learn which places are the best walking spots for dog walker’s Wynnum area if a client lives in that Brisbane suburb. Also, get to know what sort of local weather to expect during various months, the rise and fall of temperature throughout the day, and the shortest driving route to parks or walking trails to save on gas.

It also helps if you know how to communicate well, not only with your four-legged clients but with the two-legged beings you bump into as well. Remember that becoming a dog walker Brisbane professional also involves interacting with the animals’ owners who will appreciate an update on how their pet is doing. Besides, it helps to build rapport with your human clients as well. Visit for more information.