Noosa apartments for rent: How to find the right one for you

Noosa was once a sleepy town but has now become the nest of many celebrities and some of the rich and famous. For many of its residents, it’s the place where nature is seamlessly combined with the jet-setting lifestyle. But that’s just one reason to choose Noosa apartments for rent as your next home or property investment.

Noosa apartments for rent

Living in Noosa: What’s it like?


It’s a bit crowded as many visitors end up staying for good, giving Noosa property managers plenty of work to provide them with the most suitable home. This also means meeting new people long after you’ve moved into one of the apartments that you picked.

Economic profile

There were already 5,000 businesses in 2015, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, so expect a huge increase today. The main employing industry in Noosa is accommodation and food services.

Unemployment rate

According to the ABS labour force survey and Centrelink data, the number of unemployed individuals in Noosa in the 2019 March quarter is 5.66%, which is lower compared to that of Queensland’s 6%. The number doesn’t count people who are unemployed but are not actively looking for jobs.

The top 3 industries in the area are accommodation and food services, retail trade, and health care and social assistance. As for occupations, the top 3 are professionals, technicians and trades workers, and community and personal service workers.

Clearly, the quality of living in Noosa is high. Time to hunt for Noosa apartments for rent in the area.

How to choose Noosa apartments for rent

Define what you want and need from an apartment

  • Number of rooms
  • Size and location
  • With or without parking
  • Rental fee
  • Availability
  • New, old, or renovated
  • High-rise or garden-style
  • Amenities and/or services such as Noosa property management

List down the parameters you want to help narrow down your options. If you end up with a long list, choose the top 3 most important factors that will make living in Noosa a wonderful experience for you.

Pick a location that suits your needs

  • Close to work?
  • Close to public transportation?
  • Close to local amenities?
  • Close to parks and open fields?

Determine how much rent you can afford

Find out if you have the budget to pay for that apartment you want without sacrificing other expenses.

Take a good look at your take-home income and see if, you can allocate:

  • 50% for essential expenses–rent, utilities, food, phone, insurance, etc.
  • 30% for day-to-day expenses–movies, shopping, travel, eating out
  • 20% for financial goals and expenses–savings, debt payments, investments

When you add in the actual rent amount, 50% should still cover all essential expenses.

If your choice of apartment and budget don’t match, consider the trade-offs. Which ones are you willing to give up in exchange for something good?

Contact Richardson & Wrench Noosa

As experts of property management Noosaville residents recommend, they can help you find the apartment that suits your budget and needs. Their expertise lies in matching tenants with the right property, so take advantage of this and their local knowledge.