Top Secrets Revealed On How to Deal With Termite Invasion

Termite infestation remains one of the biggest worries for property owners worldwide. In Australia, termites are the leading cause of destructions of homes more than bushfires and storms combined. The reality is; even a small colony of termites can be an enormous threat to the structure of your home. When termites get into the cracks in the wood, they can cause severe damages within a short time. Whenever you notice a termite invasion, you are usually faced with two choices; either call in a pest control in Gold Coast service or deal with the problem on your own.

When you decide to take the mantle, there are things you should and shouldn’t do to contain these pests and minimize the damage they cause.

Here are some revealing secrets of dealing with termite problems:

What You Should Do

  • Reduce the moisture in your home. Termites are attracted to moisture and damp places; therefore, you should ensure there are no malfunctioning gutters or taps and that there is proper ventilation in the house.
  • Find cracks on wooden structures and seal them. You can use fine sand to seal the cracks since termites are not able to build colonies on fine sand. Ensure you seal all crack around your home to prevent termites from entering the wood and eating it from inside.
  • If the wooden structures are already compromised, consider replacing them with redwood, juniper or cedar; which are least liked by termites.
  • Always schedule an annual termite inspection by contacting a reliable company for pest control in Gold Coast. This will ensure the termites don’t have any chance of returning.

What not to do when dealing with termites

  • Do not disturb a colony of termites once you discover them on your perimeter. Whenever you interfere with where they hide, you run the risk of driving them closer to your home or even into the house.
  • Avoid a Do-It-Yourself extermination procedure as you may harm yourself, your other family members, pets and plants if you happen to use a hazardous chemical. Instead, you should consider contacting professionals for pest control in Gold Coast since they are more experienced in handling chemicals.
  • Termites feed on mulch. You should, therefore, avoid using mulch around your homestead and rather seek alternatives such as rubber mulches.
  • Last but not least, avoid storing waste or lumber in your home as it will only attract pests. Always clear any pill up of waste as soon as possible to keep the termites away.

When to Call Professional Pest Control Solutions

There is only so much you can do to handle a termite infestation. When the problem gets overwhelming and poses a bigger threat for severe destruction, then you need to contact expert pest control services who are better equipped to rid your home of termites and other pests. If you need pest control services in Gold Coast, consider contacting a local pest control experts offering extensive services including termite inspections and exterminations to both domestic and commercial clients. Gold Coast Pest Control Solutions are prompt and tailored to meet a unique individual requirement. Call them today if there is something “bugging” you.