Trust A Family Dentist For Your Family in Australia

Picture this, two of your children are experiencing pain when chewing food and your spouse is having bleeding gums or what they call gingivitis. Your family’s oral health is declining and it would take you some time and effort to book an appointment with the nearest private dentist. You begin to think of the medical fees to pay every check-up and treatment — all sorts of bills. And then there’s your kids who are afraid of the dentist, it would take a miracle to keep the tantrums away, but you must get them to a family dentist. If you’re looking for a family care dentist, you can visit this link:

Australia On The Oral Health

According to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, an average of 12.8 Australians age 15 and up have dental caries, tooth loss and filled teeth. Moreover, 33% or over a third of Australia’s population are eligible for dental care but some are not going to the regularly recommended appointment to the dentist due to the high fees in private clinics.

Also, Australia’s oral health tracker is a report updated regularly to show the nation’s progress in upholding high quality dental care as well as link oral health in contributing to the rise of chronic diseases like diabetes.

Although not everyone can afford the oral or dental care measures, politicians are making policies to ensure Australians get the dental care support from the government. Recently, the Labor pensioner dental plan is kicking off to serve to the aged pensioners quality dental care. This is a good start along with the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) that is still helping Aussies nationwide.

Factors on The Declining Oral Health of Australians

Oral health among Australians have always been an issue. In fact, according to the National Child Oral Health Study of 2012 to 2014, that when children have untreated oral health problems, they are most likely to carry it to adulthood.

Here are three major factors on why there is a decline in the oral health of Australians:

  1. Overconsumption of Sugary foods – consuming too much sugar and not brushing your teeth after can cause tooth decay. According to Australia Oral Health Tracker – Technical paper, 70.3% of Australian children ages 9 to 13 consume too much sugar and are at risk for tooth decay. Adults are
  1. Alcohol and Tobacco Abuse – common on teenagers and adults, these two psychoactive drugs accessible to the market are causing oral health problems when abused. Alcohol, containing acid, tries to dissolve your teeth — causing tooth erosion. Tobacco, containing nicotine and tar, can cause tooth discoloration.
  1. Improper Oral Hygiene – not brushing your teeth twice a day or using the wrong toothpaste or toothbrush can cause oral health problems. Some don’t even brush their teeth for days. Improper oral regimen can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and other chronic diseases.

These are a few of the major factors and it continues to threaten every family member’s oral health. To solve this, you can click on this link:

Why A Family Dentist For Your Family

A family dentist in Australia always values your family’s oral health. You can visit this link for more info: